Development Contributions


On 19 August 2015 the Parramatta Civic Improvement Plan ( Amendment No. 4) which applies to the Parramatta CBD was updated to apply to all development over $250,000 irrespective of changes to gross floor area.

The funding of local infrastructure is assisted in part by developer contributions known as Section 94 or Section 94A contributions. Councils in NSW have the ability to levy developers for contributions towards local infrastructure under the Environmental and Planning Assessment Act (EP&A).

Council has two Development Contribution Plans.

See where the City Centre Section 94A Development Contribution Plan applies.

Voluntary Planning Agreements

Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA's) may be accepted as an alternative to development contributions. A VPA is an agreement entered into by Council and a developer during Council's consideration of rezoning application (planning proposal) or development application. VPA's can either be in lieu of or in addition to a development contribution payment and this will be negotiated as part of the VPA. Council has adopted the Parramatta Voluntary Planning Agreements. Policy can be viewed below.

Last updated on 17 May 2016