Maintenance & Consultants

The NSW Heritage Branch of the Department of Planning has compiled frequently asked question and answers including a section relating to heritage conservation and maintenance. Another source of information is Ian Evans World of Old Houses.

Building upkeep

Unmaintained heritage property

A heritage listed property badly in need of maintenance and repairs

Regular maintenance and upkeep of heritage buildings is essential for their conservation and protection. Buildings need to be kept structurally sound, and weather proofed. Often major jobs can be prevented if simple maintenance is carried out on a regular basis.

Council has a strong interest in ensuring the adequate maintenance of heritage properties. Notices can be served requiring work to be undertaken to neglected and derelict properties. Proposals to demolish heritage buildings or remove them from the heritage lists, even when they are in a neglected condition, will be strongly resisted by Council.

The Heritage Branchs Maintenance Series Information Sheets (Note: click on 'Publications M-O' once link opens) can provide practical and technical advice on a range of maintenance problems from rising damp to roof plumbing.

Colour schemes

There are a number of books and references available that can help you find the right colours for your house. A good starting point is Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses and More Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses by Ian Evans. An alternative source is Historic Colour Schemes, volumes 1 and 2, by Ian Stapleton. Check to see if these books are available at Council's libraries.

Heritage color scheme example

A colour scheme which enhances the character of this heritage property in North Parramatta.

Heritage Colour Scheme

This heritage property in Carlingford has recently been repainted in a suitable colour scheme.


You can search the Heritage Branchs online Conservation Products & Services Directory  (Note: use drop down at bottom of page once link opens) to view a listing of tradespeople specialising in heritage work. Always ask for references when contacting tradespeople. Ian Evans World of Old Houses site also contains a Directory of products and services.

Tradesman repairing heritage item

Where possible use tradespeople who have experience in repairs and maintenance of heritage properties.

Heritage professionals

The Heritage Branch provides an online Heritage Consultants Directory of heritage professionals. However, this list is a guide only and does not imply endorsement or accreditation by the Heritage Council or Heritage Branch.

Last updated on 19 Feb 2014