Modifying a Development Consent

If you wish to modify a development consent, you may make application under Section 96 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A). The development as modified must be substantially the same development, and you must provide evidence of this. It is recommended that you contact the officer who dealt with the DA to discuss the modification before it is lodged.

  • A Section 96(1) application is made to correct a minor error, misdescription or miscalculation.
  • A Section 96(AA) application is made to modify a consent issued by the Land & Environment Court.
  • A Section 96(2) or 96(1A) application is made to modify the consent in other ways, such as design changes or deletion of a condition of consent.

Section 96 Modification of DA Application Form

Last updated on 21 Mar 2011