Preparing and Lodging a Development Application

When lodging a DA you must submit a completed application form, along with:

  • Consent from all the registered owners. If a company owns the property, the company stamp/seal, ASIC registration or authorisation on letterhead is required. If the building is subject to a strata scheme, the owner's corporation seal and authorised signatures are required.
  • Details of the proposed development including the existing use, operating hours, staff numbers, goods to be produced or stored, existing and proposed car spaces and loading facilities.
  • Digital Development Application Requirement - PDF documentation on a CD/DVD-R
  • Statement of Environmental Effects -This statement should detail any expected impact of the development on the environment, adjoining premises or the public. It should also include a description of the existing situation and the proposed development.
  • Required Fees
  • Drawings - A minimum of four sets of drawings must be prepared for the proposed development.

These must include:

  • Urban context analysis showing the site in relationship to the surrounding urban area – please see the sample urban context analysis for information required
  • A site plan showing the location of the development within a building or within the locality. The site plan should also identify the site, streets, adjoining properties and a north point.
  • Plans showing the details of the proposed development in relation to adjoining premises and streets if applicable. If the proposal is for part of a floor of a building only, the floor plan of the whole floor must be provided.
  • Elevations showing the view of the development from all visible sides in relation to adjoining premises (not required where there is no new work proposed).
  • Sections through appropriate areas of the site (not required where there is no new work proposed).
  • New work must be coloured, with a clear distinction being made between alterations and additions.
  • Drawings must be to scale - normally at 1:100 - and suitably numbered and dated. They are to be a minimum of an A3 in size, and folded to A4 size with the title block to the front.
  • Sign applications require plan and elevation details of the location, size and width of the sign, height above ground, materials, colouring, text including size of lettering, graphics and logo, and illumination.

Additional information that may be required

  • Any other information required by Council's DA Form
  • Statement of Heritage Impact - If the building is a Heritage Item or within a Conservation Area, a Statement of Heritage Impact is required detailing the impact of the development on the Heritage Item or the Area.
  • Floor Area - If any additions result in an increase in the Gross Floor Area or Total Floor Area of the building, details of the existing floor area of the building and the additional proposed floor area must be provided. Floor Space Ratio calculations must also be provided.
  • Demolition - In the case of demolition, full details of the age and condition of the buildings or works to be demolished must be provided.
  • Licensed Premises - In the case of DAs for new licensed premises and for extension of trading hours for existing licensed premises, a Code of Practice and a Security Management Plan must be submitted. These enable interested parties to understand the commitment of the owner/operator to ensuring that the premises will be operated in an appropriate way. They will also assist in the assessment of the DA.
  • Sex Services Premises - Please see Part 5.6 of Parramatta DCP 2011 for information required.
  • Places of Public Worships - Please see Part 5.3 of Parramatta DCP 2011 for information required
  • SEPP 65 Requirements - applies to all Residential Flat Buildings and Mixed Use developments containing residential accommodation 3 storeys or greater.
  • Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement
  • Social Impact Assessment – if the application seeks approval to ‘infill housing’ and ‘boarding houses’ under State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 a Social Impact Assessment must be submitted with the application. Guidelines for preparing a Social Impact Assessment 168Kb (pdf).
  • Demolition to a Heritage Item - if the application seeks approval for any demolition to a heritage item, please see the fact sheet regarding the advertising requirements.

Last updated on 17 May 2016