When is a Development Application (DA) required?

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request for permission to carry out a proposed development. Before making any changes to a building or occupying premises the Parramatta City Council area, you may need to submit a DA.

A DA is required for all development in the Parramatta City Council area.

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, 'development' is defined as:

  • the use of land;
  • the subdivision of land;
  • the erection of a building;
  • the carrying out of work;
  • the demolition; or
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

Some minor development, called Exempt Development, does not require consent. Another type of development, called Complying Development, requires a Complying Development Certificate prior to commencing the use. The relevant controls can be found in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt & Complying Development Codes) 2008, LEP 2011 or LEP 2007.

For an easy to read, plain English version of the State Environmental Planning Policy, please see the NSW Housing Code website, developed by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Last updated on 15 Aug 2016