Community Capacity Building

CCB Update

Active Citizenship Training for a group of Afghan and Iranian Migrants

Over 3 Saturdays in June and July, 2012, the CCB Team ran an Active Citizenship Training for a group of Afghan and Iranian Migrants. The Training aimed to develop a sense of agency in participants and the capacity for active engagement in the community.

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Community Capacity Building Team

CCB Team

To support strong communities, the Community Capacity Building Team works on a variety of programs and projects at various levels of the community and Council. The structure of our Team was created to support this.
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City of Parramatta Council works with residents, community organisations and other units of council to build strong and resilient communities.

We believe that strong communities are made up of people who work together and support each other, and are:

  • Trusting
  • Connected
  • Engaged
  • Empowered
  • Creative users of resources
  • Respectful of differences
  • Innovative

In an effort to build strong and resilient communities Council:

  • Demonstrates innovation, advocacy, organisational and professional development for community organisations;
  • Supports and resources networks;
  • Provides information, initaitve, and helps to build and support partnerships, and increase resources (social, environmental (physical infrastructure) and economic).

For more information about Council's Community Capacity Building initiatives, contact Council at or by phone on(02) 9806 5138.

Last updated on 15 Feb 2013