Pet Ownership

Don't take the risk... update the microchip!

Unfortunately, many cats and dogs still end up in the Animal Holding Facility even though they are microchipped. The reason for this is the information within the microchip is outdated so we cannot find their owner to return them home. As a pet owner you must notify Council every time;

  • You change address and/or contact details
  • You give away or sell your pet including the details of the new owner
  • Your pet is missing and when it is found again
  • Your pet is deceased

Failing to update your pet's microchip information can result in an on the spot penalty of $165.

Avoid losing your pet and paying fines by updating your pet's information now!

Sold or rehomed your pet? Complete and print a change of owner form or email for a copy to be mailed to you.

Last updated on 24 Aug 2016