Tree Preservation Order

At the Council meeting of 27 July 2015, Council adopted changes to the DCP regarding Preservation of Trees or vegetation. These changes came into effect on 19 August 2015 and therefore repeal and replace the previous Tree Preservation Order of 9 December 1996. The new controls apply to all lands publicly or privately owned throughout the Parramatta local government area.

The following is an excerpt of DCP 2011 Part 5.4 Preservation of Trees or Vegetation (page 408 of DCP):

Trees to which DCP 2011 Part 5.4 Preservation of Trees or Vegetation applies

Tree protection applies to:

  • Any tree or palm - whether indigenous, endemic, exotic or introduced species with a height equal to or exceeding 5 metres.
  • Any tree or mangrove vegetation located on Public Land, irrespective of size.
  • Any tree or plant, irrespective of size:
    • (a)  that is listed in a Register of Significant Trees; or
    • (b)  that is or forms part of a heritage item, or that is within a heritage conservation area; or
    • (c)  that is or forms part of an Aboriginal object, or that is within an Aboriginal place of heritage significance.

Tree Permit - Application to prune or remove a tree

A tree permit must be obtained before any tree works are carried out on a tree. An arboricultural report and other reports and information may be required to be submitted as part of the tree permit assessment process.

Tree Permit Application Form

Neighbour’s Tree

If a neighbour’s tree overhangs your property boundary you may undertake pruning within your property boundary provided it can be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373 – 2007, ‘Pruning of Amenity trees’ from within your property and you have obtained consent from Council prior to undertaking such works.

Exemptions to Tree Preservation Order

See section 3 of DCP 2011 Part 5.4 Preservation of Trees or Vegetation.

Definition of Terms

See section 4 of DCP 2011 Part 5.4 Preservation of Trees or Vegetation.

Schedule of Fees

To be paid at the time of the Tree permit application lodgement.

For an Application to Prune or Remove:

  • 1 tree $118.70
  • every additional tree $97.70

For an 82A Review Application:

  • 50% of the original fee paid

Full list of current fees & charges

Assessment Process

In considering a tree application, the Council shall consider the retention value of the tree through a 3 step process:

  1. Assess the sustainability of the tree in its location. This is determined by considering the vitality, structural condition, age/longevity of the tree and suitability of the tree to the site.
  2. Assess the landscape and amenity significance of the tree. This is determined by considering the amenity, heritage and environmental value of each tree.
  3. Consider sustainability and landscape significance together to determine the retention value.

More Information

For more information, contact Council's Customer Contact Centre on 02 9806 5050 or for arboricultural advice call Arboriculture Australia on 1300 664 374, or visit the website

Last updated on 15 Apr 2016