Clean Up Services

Parramatta City Council provides properties that have a Council residential garbage service with a quarterly kerbside clean up service for bulky household materials. This service is provided by Transpacific Cleanaway, Council's waste and recycling contractor.
Residents entitled to this service are invited to place up to 1 cubic metre (m³) of materials out for each scheduled collection. View our Annual Clean up Calendar to find out when your next designated Clean Up is scheduled, or alternatively, contact Councils Waste Hotline on 9806 5544.

DOs Waste Permitted Volume

  • Materials must be separated and stacked neatly.
  • The maximum amount of materials allowable is 1 cubic metre in total, that is 1m x 1m x 1m


  • Materials must not exceed the permitted volume
  • Materials must not block the footpath
  • Your cleanup will be collected anytime between Monday to Friday of the notified week.

What Can Be Put Out

Whitegoods and metals can be put out

Whitegoods (Doors must be removed where applicable)

Mattresses can be put out


Furniture can be put out


Prunings and branches may be put out

Branches (Must be bundled and less than 1.5m in length)

What can't be put out

Building Waste can not be put out

Building waste

Household rubbish and food scraps can not be put out

Food scraps & household garbage

Garden waste that can otherwise be placed in your recycling bin can not be put out

Grass clippings or leaves

Hazadous waste can not be put out

Hazardous waste (chemicals, paint, gas bottles or medical waste)

Large trunks and thorny bushes can not be put out

Tree trunks & thorny bushes

Recyclables that can otherwise be placed in your recycling bin can not be put out

Recyclables that could be placed in your recycling bin

Chemicals can not be put out

Industrial waste or chemicals

Quarterly Clean-up dates for 2013

How to use? Enter your address in a field below (Example 30 Darcy st, Parramatta), zoom in if necessary, click on a map next to your property to see clean-up dates for your zone.

Attention important informationDue to discrepancies in maps and clean-up zone outlines, borderline properties should contact Council's Waste Hotline: 9806 5544.

  Clean Up 1
Clean Up 2 Clean Up 3 Clean Up 4
  Materials must be placed neatly on your nature strip on a date indicated below.
Example: Zone 1 Clean up 1 place materials on 13 January Only pick-up between 14 January to 18 January
ZONE 112 Jan 146 Apr 1429 Jun 1421 Sep 14
ZONE 219 Jan 14 13 Apr 146 Jul 1428 Sep 14
ZONE 326 Jan 1420 Apr 1413 Jul 145 Oct 14
ZONE 42 Feb 14 27 Apr 1420 Jul 1412 Oct 14
ZONE 59 Feb 144 May 1427 Jul 1419 Oct 14
ZONE 616 Feb 14 11 May 143 Aug 1426 Oct 14
ZONE 723 Feb 14 18 May 1410 Aug 142 Nov 14
ZONE 82 Mar 1425 May 1417 Aug 149 Nov 14
ZONE 99 Mar 14 1 Jun 1424 Aug 1416 Nov 14
ZONE 1016 Mar 148 Jun 1431 Aug 1423 Nov 14
ZONE 1123 Mar 14 15 Jun 147 Sep 1430 Nov 14
ZONE 1230 Mar 1422 Jun 1414 Sep 147 Dec 14
  You will receive an Annual Clean up Calendar for your area at the beginning of the year. Alternatively, to find out when your next designated Clean up is, please contact Councilís Waste Hotline on 9806 5544

Last updated on 26 Aug 2013