Sustainable Business Directory

Welcome to the Sustainable Business Directory - the directory where your business can locate important information and resources relating to sustainability.

This section of the website consists of several different categories which are the main elements to improving the efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint of your business.

Environmental upgrade agreements

Environmental Upgrade Agreements

Building owners in Parramatta can now take advantage of a new funding source to upgrade their buildings. This highly accessible, lower interest and longer term finance can help you improve your building, keeping it competitive whilst maintaining your cash flow.
Impact on climate change

Impact On Climate Change

Sustainability, greenhouse gas emission, carbon offsetswe hear these words constantly but what does it all really mean for business? Read about the facts on the NSW Business Chamber and NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change websites.
Reducing costs

Reducing Costs

Improving efficiencies across your organisation is a great way to save money. Read on to learn of some simple sustainability tips that you can implement to reduce operating costs and improve services in your business.
Funding opportunities

Funding Opportunities

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and Sydney Water offer a range of funding opportunities for business to implement sustainability initiatives. The Federal Government website AusIndustry provides an overview of assistance programs for business.
Getting assistance

Getting Assistance

There are numerous State and Local Government Sustainability programs available that offer business ongoing support with regard to sustainability. City of Parramatta Council provides a range of sustainability programs for business.
Green credentials

Green Credentials

City of Parramatta Council is proud to support a number of programs to encourage sustainable business practice and to enable businesses to access affordable, practical initiatives which will provide economic benefits, enhance reputation and promote our city as a Sustainable City of the future.

Last updated on 26 Nov 2013