Parramatta: Open for Business

With its strategic central location, diverse industry structure, skilled work force and $14.8B annual output, Parramatta is a compelling option for firms looking to access the rapidly expanding Western Sydney economy.

Many companies have invested in Parramatta over the past two decades, finding it a dynamic, supportive and cost-effective business environment in which to grow.

This has created critical mass in industry, retail and cultural activity at the centre of the metropolitan area and cemented Parramatta’s role as the premier regional city in Sydney.

Parramatta is the next to attain 'takeoff' in terms of major city expansion and private sector investment.

The continuing mass movement of people into the centre of Sydney and the associated property booms in Meadowbank, Rhodes, Auburn, Blacktown and the Hills are furnishing Parramatta with an educated and skilled workforce that is younger and more multi-lingual than the Sydney average. This is making Parramatta attractive to a new generation of business leaders.

Meanwhile the suburbanisation of industry into Central and Western Sydney has produced rich regional markets for professional firms looking to service clients from a central location.

Parramatta makes sense for city-dwelling firms like Deloitte, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp, QBE, News Local, Telstra and AON who are already taking advantage of these shifts.

27000 Current jobs growth forecast for Parramatta CBD (2036), 47000 jobs growth required in Parramatta CBD to match population growth (2036)

Our Vision:

Parramatta - the driving force and heart of Australia’s most significant economic region; a vibrant home for diverse communities and a centre of excellence in research, education and enterprise.”

Parramatta is a major generator of growth and potential with several advantages as a competitive business location. The facts speak for themselves:

  • Population – Home to more than 176,000
  • Employment – Over 120,000 people work in Parramatta LGA
  • Gross Regional Product – At $14.8b in 2010/11 it continued to grow compared to many larger economies
  • Productivity - $62.92 per hour worked

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Last updated on 06 Dec 2013