Future Planning

Parramatta is at the heart of Australia’s most significant economic region. As the second largest employer outside Sydney CBD, Parramatta’s workforce is expected to grow by an additional 30,000 people over the next 25 years. Our resident population is also expected to increase – but:

By 2050 Greater Sydney will house 70% of Sydney’s population but only 30% of the City’s jobs.

This will mean unsustainable demands on Sydney’s population and the City’s infrastructure. Parramatta has an essential role in addressing these challenges. By encouraging jobs growth close to where people live, connecting people through integrated transport systems that work, building a future for Parramatta as a centre of excellence and making Parramatta a place to enjoy a great way of life. This means forward planning, innovation and investment to ensure that public infrastructure and future development meets the needs of our residents, visitors and workers.

Last updated on 01 May 2012