Parramatta 2038

Parramatta 2038 is Parramatta’s Community Strategic Plan. It is a long term-vision for the Parramatta Local Government Area and links to the long-term future of Sydney.

Parramatta 2038 outlines how we can realise Parramatta’s true potential and spread the benefits locally and regionally

Parramatta 2038 was adopted by Council in June 2013.

We will be reviewing and updating our Community Strategic Plan for the new City of Parramatta over the next 18 months.


Parramatta's economic growth will help build the City as a centre of high, value-adding employment and the driving force behind the generation of new wealth for Western Sydney.


Parramatta will be an eco-efficient city that effectively manages and uses the City's growth to improve and protect the environment


Parramatta will be a city with fast, reliable transport and digital networks that connect people to each other, to the information and services they need and to where they need to go.

people & neighbour-

Parramatta will be a world-class city at the centre of Sydney that attracts a diversity of people: a city where people can learn, succeed and find what they need; a city where people live well, get together with others, feel like they belong and can reach their potential.

culture & sport

Parramatta will be a place where people want to be: a place that provides opportunities to relate to one another, the City and the local area; a place that celebrates its cultural and sporting heritage; and a place that uses its energy and cultural richness to improve quality of life and drive positive growth and joy.

leadership & governance

Parramatta will be widely known as a great city, a centre of excellence and an effective capital of Western Sydney, with inspirational leadership and good governance.

Last updated on 22 Nov 2016