Parramatta 2038 - People Strategy

Council is committed to working with others to improve the social well-being of residents in the LGA. Its community strategic plan, known as Parramatta 2038 outlines our aims and objectives. The People Strategy further refines Parramatta 2038; Parramatta will be a world-class city at the centre of Sydney that attracts a diversity of people: a city where people can learn, succeed and find what they need; a city where people live well, get together with others, feel like they belong and can reach their potential. This strategy focuses the priorities and work of Council to improve social wellbeing in 4 areas:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Individual Development
  • Neighbourhoods and Belonging.

Local Stories

Council acknowledges that the people of Parramatta LGA are a very diverse group and have developed a range of stories.  The stories outlined below are based on real people and their real life situations. They tell of the positive experiences of local people from diverse backgrounds and level of need, who have found value and great benefit from the provision of information, services, programs and facilities in such a way that accommodated their needs and allowed them the opportunity to easily engage in and contribute to local community life.


Health Strategic Partnership

The aim of the Strategic Partnership between PCC and SWAHS Centre for Population Health (CPH) and Primary Care and Community Health Services (PC & CHS) pertains to the Parramatta LGA. It provides access to the Leadership Group for the Population Health Network that determines strategic directions, policy and programs for population health. Copies of the strategic documents are accessible below.

Housing Strategic Partnership

The aim of the Strategic Partnership is to facilitate collaborative information sharing to better support improved housing and community well-being for housing needs groups and for neighbourhoods within the Parramatta LGA. The partnership will focus on strategic information sharing about current and future state and local planning, priorities and programs that effectively enable improved quality of life for people requiring housing support. It will include a focus on homelessness, affordable housing, re-development and the integration of social housing into the broader urban form. Copies of the strategic documents are accessible below.

Projects, Policy & Plans

Social Impact Assessment Guidlines

Council is committed to the process of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as a means of considering social issues more comprehensively and consistently in its planning and decision making. These SIA Guidelines are relevant for any individual or organisation preparing a Development Application related to land or activity within the Parramatta Local Government Area.

Access & Equity Policy

Council acknowledges that the people of Parramatta LGA are a very diverse group and is concerned with the removal of barriers in the design and delivery of information, programs, services and facilities Council provides and endeavours to ensure that all community members have opportunities to enhance their overall social, cultural and economic wellbeing. A copy of the strategic document is accessible below.

Affordable Housing

Council recognises that access to secure; appropriate and affordable housing is not only a basic requirement for all people, but also an essential component of an inclusive, dynamic and sustainable city. Parramatta has undertaken extensive background research on the accessibility of affordable housing in Parramatta. In 2001 City of Parramatta Council commissioned Elton and Associates in collaboration with Sphere Property Corporation to undertake a feasibility study on opportunities associated with affordable housing. In 2003 further research was commissioned which was undertaken by JBA Planning called 'Parramatta Affordable Housing Strategy-Options and Issues Report'. In 2006 'Affordable Housing in Parramatta' a discussion Paper was released. However, it was in May 2009 City of Parramatta Council adopted its 'Affordable Housing Policy' that outlined Council's commitment to developing its own Affordable Housing Bank which will be achieved through planning tools and strategic partnerships. Copies of the strategic documents are accessible below.


The number of homeless people in Parramatta is growing and Council is committed in working to minimise and prevent homelessness. The work includes stemming the increasing rates of homelessness, balancing the diverse needs of the City's many stakeholders, supporting service providers and actively engaging stakeholders from across sectors to work together on long term solutions. Copies of the strategic documents are accessible below.

See the Information on Homelessness page.

Films about homelessness, produced with assistance of City of Parramatta Council, Social Outcomes

Parramatta is a city on the move. There are exciting changes taking place in our CBD and neighbourhoods, building on the already diverse, active and resilient community that exists. Ensuring the continued safety of our growing community remains a priority. 

Community safety is about all people feeling safe in their communities, where they live, work, play and attend school. It is important for creating a vibrant and prosperous city and supporting individuals and neighbourhoods to thrive. Council is committed to improving safety for all of its residents, workers and visitors through the Parramatta Safety Plan, which will build on existing strategies and guide Council's work and partnerships over the next four years.

Last updated on 15 Jan 2016