Key Council Documents

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Parramatta 2038

Parramatta 2038 is Parramatta’s Community Strategic Plan. It is a long term-vision for the Parramatta Local Government Area and links to the long-term future of Sydney.

Parramatta 2038 outlines how we can realise Parramatta’s true potential and spread the benefits locally and regionally.

Parramatta 2038 was adopted by Council in June 2013.

Operational Plan

Operational Plan

This Operational Plan is where Council sets out its role and commitment to the community and the contribution Council will make towards implementing Parramatta 2038.

The Operational Plan sets out the Key Actions Council will undertake, and the financial resources and projects allocated to 2016/17 financial year. This Operational Plan includes a breakdown of Council’s operating budgets and planned expenditure by service area and other financial information, including Council’s Revenue Policy.

Fees and Charges

Schedule of Fees & Charges

Every year City of Parramatta Council update their schedule of Fees & Charges. They are prepared based on assumptions made regarding the GST status of each fee and charge. Should the GST legislation or the interpretation of the legislation change, Council reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of the fees stated, by the amount of the GST.

Resourcing Strategy

Council regularly reviews whether it has the sufficient resources - time, money, assets and people - to achieve the aspirations set out in our Community Strategic Plan: Parramatta 2038.

Council's updated Resourcing Strategy incorporates a: 

  • Asset Management Plan
  • Workforce Management Plan
  • Long Term Financial Plan

The objective of the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is to guide the financial and physical requirements for the performance of Council’s infrastructure, building and land assets into the future to support the aspirations for Parramatta and Council’s service commitments.

The Workforce Management Plan summarises the Council’s work to build the organisational capability necessary to achieve the objectives of Parramatta 2038 and the Operational Plan. Underpinning the Workforce Management Plan is a Human Resources Strategy that contains 25 initiatives grouped under four service delivery areas:

  1. develop best practice HR strategies and frameworks
  2. develop, communicate, monitor and manage a set of best practice HR policies
  3. provide high quality HR advice

Annual Report

PCC Annual Report 14/15

Annual Report Cover 2014 - 2015 fountain on a bridge

Parramatta City Council’s Annual Report documents the delivery of the Key Actions listed in our Council's Corporate Plan and provides a detailed breakdown of income and expenditure.

Specifically the Annual Report provides an at-a-glance overview of what was achieved as planned, grouped under Council’s Strategic Objectives namely:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Connectivity
  • People and Neighbourhoods
  • Culture and Sport
  • Leadership and Corporate

Council works hard to improve its culture as an organisation and to build the capacity required to deliver the best possible services to its community. The Annual Report is a reflection of what we have achieved during the financial year 2014/15.

Last updated on 29 Jul 2016