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You can view Councils planning controls using the My Development Portal and also use this site to track your application and find property information.

Environmental Planning Instruments

Planning Controls for the new City of Parramatta Council area will be consolidated after the new Council is elected in 2017. In the interim, planning controls for your area may be accessed by clicking on your area on the below map.

Planning Control map. Click on the area to view former council planning control Formerly The Hills Shire Council Formerly Hornsby Shire Council Formerly Holroyd City Council Formerly Auburn City Council Auburn Planning Controls | Holroyd Planning Controls | Hills Planning Controls | Hornsby Planning Controls | Former City of Parramatta Planning Controls

Please note: all planning proposals and development applications for land now located in City of Parramatta should be lodged with City of Parramatta Council

Environmental planning instruments that apply within former Parramatta City Council

Amendment No 10 to Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP 2011) came into effect on Friday 18 December 2015. This amendment will consolidate Council’s two LEP’S. This will be achieved by including the land currently covered by the Parramatta City Centre LEP 2007 within PLEP 2011. A new part (part 7) of PLEP 2011 will contain special provisions relating to the City Centre.

The LEP amendment also refines the operation of some provisions relating to the City Centre, corrects mapping anomalies and combines all the relevant map sheets into one set of maps. As per Council’s adopted planning proposal post exhibition (December 2013), some of the more notable changes include; increasing the design excellence bonus from 10% to 15%, reducing the minimum site area required to achieve the maximum mapped FSR from 2500sqm to 1800sqm, the prohibition of any new sex services premises within the Parramatta CBD, the re-zoning of No 12 Hassall Street from B3 (Commercial Core) to B4 (Mixed Use) and the application of zoning to waterways and roads.

The amending instrument containing the relevant provisions is able to be viewed at;

The legislation website and accompanying maps will be updated over coming weeks and will be able to be viewed at (
Enquiries may be directed to Customer Service 9806 5050.

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans that apply within the City of Parramatta:

Development Policies and Guidelines (including Developer Contributions)

Council policies and guidelines that apply within the City of Parramatta:

Exhibited Planning Proposals

The following Planning Proposals have been publicly exhibited and may be required to be taken into consideration in determining a development application in accordance with Section 79C(1)(a)ii of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Ac, 1979. For enquiries in relation to the status of these Planning Proposals please contact a member of the Land Use Team on 9806-5635.

Draft amendments to Planning Controls – Parramatta City Centre (exhibited 28 August – 27 September 2013).

Last updated on 29 Sep 2016