Heritage Information

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What is Heritage

Parramatta is one of the most historic places in Australia. A major aim of Council is to conserve Parramatta's heritage to help understand our past and to enrich the character of Parramatta for the benefit of future generations. Find out about heritage items in Parramatta LGA, Heritage conservation areas, Archeological sites and Information on Aboriginal Heritage more...
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Heritage Listings

There are a number of ways to find out if a property is listed as a heritage item or is within a heritage conservation area, here you can look at the maps of conservation areas, findout about heritage controls and find out more on history  more...
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Heritage Development Approvals

Heritage items and properties in heritage conservation areas can generally be modified and altered. Find out the process of getting Council approval. more...
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Heritage Assistance and Benefits

Council provides a free heritage advisory service and offers small grants to the owners of heritage items and properties within heritage conservation areas to encourage work that will improve heritage value. Learn also about other potential benefits of heritage listing more...
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Maintaining your Heritage Property

Regular maintenance and upkeep of heritage buildings is essential for their conservation and protection. Find out where you can get information and advice on maintenance, colour schemes, tradespeople and heritage professionals. more...
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Heritage Awards

The City of Parramatta Council Heritage Awards are generally held every 2 years to acknowledge the valuable work undertaken by people in the community on heritage buildings and places. Find out more about previous entrants and winners of these Awards more...

Last updated on 18 Aug 2014