Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses trading for social, environmental and/or cultural purposes and, as a business model, are gaining attention globally, particularly in the UK, Canada and the US where it is increasingly recognised that greater diversity of business models is needed to tackle current economic challenges.

Profit, or surplus, is generated but not distributed to members, owners or shareholders and is therefore available to develop the public benefit business further.

City of Parramatta Council offers seed funding through the Social Enterprise category of our Community Grants program. In 2007 we established the three year Parramatta Social Enterprise Hub project to support the development and growth of the local social enterprise sector. This project was completed in June 2010 and our work is currently focused on incubating Social Enterprises Sydney, which was successful in receiving some funding from the NSW State Government in July 2011.

An independent appraisal of our Social Enterprise Program was completed in December 2011, and can be accessed here.

A 'resources' page has also been created bringing together a range of material for those interested in learning more about social enterprise.

Last updated on 09 May 2016