Citizenship Ceremonies at City of Parramatta Council

Becoming an Australian Citizen is a very special occasion and an important decision that will impact on the rest of your life and the future of your children.

It represents the beginning of a new period in a person's life, demonstrating their allegiance to Australia and the Australian way of life.

City of Parramatta Council hosts a number of Citizenship Ceremonies a year.

If you have applied for Citizenship, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs will notify you of the date and timing of your Ceremony. If you have any enquiries about the date of your Ceremony call the Citizenship Information Line on 131 881.

The schedule for citizenship ceremonies for 2016 is:

The schedule for citizenship ceremonies for 2017

  • 26 January – Australia Day
  • Tuesday – 14th February
  • Tuesday – 14th March
  • Tuesday – 11th April
  • Monday – 15th May
  • Monday – 19th June
  • Tuesday – 15th August
  • Monday – 18th September
  • Tuesday – 3rd October
  • Tuesday – 7th November

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies in Parramatta

  1. Parramatta City Council aims to hold two Citizenship Ceremonies every month for approximately 150 candidates. The ceremony is presided over by the Administrator and candidates will receive information about the date, time and location of their ceremony via post.
  2. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship also holds frequent ceremonies at their office at 9 Wentworth Street Parramatta.

Once a client is approved for Australian Citizenship from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship they

  1. Wait for a letter from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to advise when you will be allocated to a ceremony. The current waiting time is 6 – 9 months after you have received your approval. This letter is usually provided 6 – 8 weeks prior the ceremony.
  2. All client information is handled by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship NOT Council.
  3. The Department of Immigration are the only ones who can allocate clients to attend a ceremony NOT Council.
  4. The Department of Immigration under no circumstances will move clients forward on the list or give preference to clients to attend a ceremony.
  5. If you are invited to attend a ceremony and do not attend you are required to wait until you are invited to a new ceremony. Failure to attend further ceremonies can result in forfeiting your Australian Citizenship.

Quite often the Department of Immigration Customer Service line advises clients to contact the local Council for information in regards to ceremonies. This information is not correct. Council does not have access to any client information.

All enquiries regarding Australian Citizenship are referred to:

  • The Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 131 880. If you have been approved for Australian Citizenship please request to speak to the CITIZENSHIP CEREMONIES SECTION.

Last updated on 16 Nov 2016